"Welcome to the Party' is a drama/thriller about a group of hipster friends; fashion obsessed, social media consumed, and desperate for a thrill. The story is told through a series of flashbacks that follow Kieran on the night of his 30th birthday party. He struggles with relationship issues with his girlfriend Fiona, deals with nagging parents, and holds with him a terrible secret. These friends are not what they appear. The film explores the idea of what it means to become an adult in the tumultuous world of present day Los Angeles.

"Quick Brown Fox" is Michael and Amanda's first short film collaboration. A mysterious woman shows up at 3:00PM on a seemingly normal day. As the story unfolds (or doesn't) we are given a window into the tumultuous relationship of a very unique couple. The film is a surreal story about a relationship with a troubled past, and how far a person would go for someone they love.